Infiltration & Inflow

The City of Indianola was mandated by the IDNR in May 2009 to remove all groundwater from the City’s Sanitary Sewer Collection system. In order to comply with the IDNR the City implemented the Inflow & Infiltration Policy which is overseen by WPC. All four phases of the public repairs that were mandated have now been completed. Because of this, and the number of private services which were inspected and repaired, the IDNR has deemed sufficient improvements have been made and lifted the mandate in 2014. The I&I Policy remains in place, however, private I&I inspections will continue on an individual request basis at this time.   Click here to see the I&I locations. 

The Indianola WPC team was recently featured in the I & I magazine. Click here to view the story. 

Infiltration and Inflow Policy

Inflow and Infiltration Reimbursement Form