Photo and Video Recordings Policy

The Indianola Public Library frequently engages in photographing and making video recordings to document and promote the library’s many services, programs, and events.  Recognition of the importance these images have in communicating the library’s mission and role to the community is balanced with our patrons’ right to privacy while at the library.

Photos and Videos taken by Library Staff

  • Library staff will make every effort to notify members of the public verbally or through signage when they are taking photos or recording.  
  • Anyone who does not wish to be photographed or filmed must notify library staff immediately.  This includes parents/guardians speaking on behalf of minors.
  • If library staff has not been notified otherwise, consent is assumed from those participating in library events, programs, and services.

Photos and Videos taken by Visitors and Patrons

  • Taking pictures or filming other people in the library is prohibited unless authorized by the library director and the patrons involved (including parents/guardians of minors) 

Use of Library Images

Images published on the library’s website, social media sites, print publications, and other materials are not for general distribution and may not be duplicated without prior permission from the library director.

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Adopted 9/22