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Residents of Indianola and rural Warren County can access digital books, audiobooks, magazines, and videosIPL Library Card through Bridges - a consortium of Iowa libraries providing downloadable titles. 

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Getting Started

  • You'll need your library card number and password. Can't remember your password?  Call us at 515-961-9418 for help.
  • Go to your playstore and download the Libby App.

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Frequently asked questions

How many titles can I check out?

  • 5 titles per library card at any given time.

What is the loan period for e-books & e-audiobooks?

  • 14 days

What is the Indianola Advantage Collection?

  • These are extra copies purchased just for Indianola and rural users.  

How do I return an e-book or e-audiobook?

  • Digital books expire automatically at the end of the loan period, but if you want to return them early, see these instructions.

How do I renew an e-book or e-audiobook?

Why can't I find the title or author I want?

  • Unfortunately, not all books and audiobooks are available electronically. In addition, some publishers have decided not to make their e-titles available to libraries. 

I'm not an Indianola resident.  Why can't I use Bridges?

  • Due to the licensing restrictions Overdrive requires us to follow, we can only grant access to Bridges for residents of Indianola and rural Warren County.  However, try contacting your hometown library to see if they subscribe to Bridges.  Most Iowa libraries do, and chances are you can use Bridges through your hometown library.

 What is the difference between OverDrive, Bridges and Libby?

  • OverDrive is the name of the company who offers the digital collection.
  • Bridges is a consortium of Iowa libraries who pool their funds to purchase content from OverDrive.
  • Libby is the app you use to download titles from Bridges.

Why isn't my OverDrive app working?

  • The OverDrive is no longer supported by its company.  Delete the OverDrive app from your device and replace it with the Libby app.