Water Pollution Control

WPC_TrucksGeneral Information

The Water Pollution Control Department has been in its current location north of the Country Club Golf Course since 1978 and its’ construction was funded primarily through federal grants. The WPC consists of the main North Wastewater Treatment Plant and seven Lift Stations located throughout Indianola. The staff includes Superintendent Rick Graves, three full time State Licensed Operators and two apprentices. They are responsible for the daily maintenance of these physical structures and all of the 68 pumps and associated equipment necessary to keep them operational. There is an operator on call 24/7 in case of emergencies which need to be addressed, such as equipment failure or sewer backups. 
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In addition, WPC maintains the collection system which includes estimated 93 miles of City sewer mains and 2039 manholes located throughout the City. Routine maintenance includes cleaning of the mains with the Jet/Vac Truck, inspection with sewer camera equipment and making repairs as needed. They also inspect all repairs made to private sewer services to insure that they are compliant with City policies and standards. 

The WPC Department performs daily lab monitoring/testing of the wastewater before and after treatment to ensure that the treated wastewater leaving the plant is in compliance with EPA (Federal) and IDNR (State) regulations. Operators rotate through the lab in seven day rotations to ensure the accuracy and consistency of testing.

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Inflow & Infiltration

The City of Indianola was mandated by the IDNR in May 2009 to remove all groundwater from the City’s Sanitary Sewer Collection system. In order to comply with the IDNR the City implemented the Inflow & Infiltration Policy which is overseen by WPC. All four phases of the public repairs that were mandated have now been completed. Because of this, and the number of private services which were inspected and repaired, the IDNR has deemed sufficient improvements have been made and lifted the mandate in 2014. The I&I Policy remains in place, however, private I&I inspections will continue on an individual request basis at this time.   Click here to see the I&I locations.

Sewer Rates

Revenue for the department is generated from the sewer rates that are billed on the monthly utility bills. The rate is based on the water consumed through each water meter. Sewer rates are evaluated and set to provide appropriate funding for the department. On April 20, 2020 the council passed Ordinance #1632 to increase the sewer rates effective June 1, 2020. The new rate is listed below.

  • Residential Sewer Rates: First 1,000 gallons = $18.00, after first 1,000 gallons the rate is $9.85 per 1,000 gallons
  • High Strength Sewer Rates: $12.31 per 1,000 gallons.
  • Rate reduction meters are available at Indianola Municipal Utilities (210 West 2nd Ave) if you are temporarily using water to establish sod, fill swimming pools, etc., when water will not be returned through the sanitary sewer system. 

Progress Towards The Future

The current Wastewater Plant was designed for a population of 11,600 residents and was intended to have a lifespan of 30 years. Currently, it is in its 41st year of operation and the City has over 16,000 residents. The plant is currently exceeding all of the design parameters it was meant to meet but WPC has been able to maintain removal rates in compliance with IDNR & EPA regulations. However, the majority of the equipment processes, pumps, drives, meters, piping, conduit, wiring and structures are all original to the 1978 plant. Because of this the time has come for the City to determine the best way to move forward. Please click on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Updates tab above to learn more about the new wastewater plant.