Water Resource Recovery Department

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General Information

The Water Resource Recovery Department (WRRD) opened the new facility in October 2022! The previous location was our home for 45 years. The plant is located northwest of Indianola. As the city grew, so did the sewer system. We outgrew our old location and decided to build a new plant. Federal grants primarily funded the new plant construction. 

The team is in charge of seven Lift Stations throughout Indianola as well as 68 pumps associated with the equipment on a daily basis. 

The team consists of a Director, four State Licensed Operators, and one apprentice. There is always an Operator on call 24/7 in case of emergencies; an emergency may be a failure of equipment or sewer backups and many other things.

In addition, WRRD maintains the collection system, which includes estimated 93 miles of City sewer mains and 2,100 manholes located throughout the City. Routine maintenance includes cleaning of the mains with the Jet/Vac Truck, inspecting with sewer camera equipment, and making repairs as needed. They also inspect all repairs made to private sewer services to insure that they are compliant with City policies and standards. The WRRD Staff performs daily lab monitoring/testing of the wastewater before and after treatment to ensure that the treated wastewater leaving the plant is in compliance with EPA (Federal) and IDNR (State) regulations. Operators rotate through the lab in seven-day rotations to ensure the accuracy and consistency of testing.

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Sewer Rates

Revenue for the department is generated from the sewer rates that are billed on the monthly utility bills. The rate is based on the water consumed through each water meter. Sewer rates are evaluated and set to provide appropriate funding for the department. On May 23, 2023, Ordinance #1712 to increase the sewer rates effective June 1, 2023. The new rate is listed below. 

  • Residential Sewer Rates: First 1,000 gallons = $25.00, after first 1,000 gallons the rate is $11.50 per 1,000 gallons
  • High Strength Sewer Rates: $25.00 first 1,000 gallons, and $14.38 for every 1,000 gallons thereafter.
  • Rate reduction meters are available at Indianola Municipal Utilities (210 West 2nd Ave) if you are temporarily using water to establish sod, fill swimming pools, etc., when water will not be returned through the sanitary sewer system.

New 2022 Treatment Plant

The prior plant was designed for a population of 11,600 with a lifespan of 30 years. As the city grew to 16,000 residents, so did the need for the sewer system. Our prior home for 44 years (1978) has a majority of the original equipment processes, pumps, drives, meters, piping, conduit, wiring, and structures. The new 'State of Art'  treatment plant is currently exceeding all of the design parameters. We officially moved in October 2022! If you would like to see our progress, please click here.