Bridges: Instructions for ebooks and audiobooks

The Indianola Public Library is a member of a state-wide consortium called Bridges.  Our membership in Bridges gives you access to thousands of free downloadable ebooks and audiobooks.  

This participation is made possible through the support of the Friends of the Indianola Public Library Foundation.

If you need help:
Instructions are below but if you need additional help, just bring your device to the library and library staff would be happy to assist. 
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Ebook Instructions


Download library books to your:


Download library books to your:
Note: If you're using an older NOOK tablet, like a NOOK Color or
Tablet, you can no longer install the OverDrive app on your device. Instead, you can transfer eBooks to your NOOK from Adobe Digital Editions.

iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone

Download library books to your:

Android Smartphones

Download library books to your:


Download library books to your

Windows 8

Download library books to
Audiobook Instructions
Step 1: Download Overdrive
  • Download Overdrive
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Overdrive page to select your computer type or mobile device
  • Select "Save File"
  • Go to where you saved the file, click "Run"
  • Follow wizard prompts
Step 2: Finding an Audiobook
  • Go to the Bridges website
  • Sign in (top right corner)
  • Select "Indianola Public Library"
  • Enter your library card number
  • Find the book that you want (Audiobooks are marked with a headphones symbol - Black headphones indicate the book is available now)
  • Hover your mouse over the book title
  • Select "Borrow"
Step 3: Downloading an Audiobook
  • Select MP3 file
  • Then "Confirm and Download"
  • Follow prompts to download parts
The audiobook can be listened to through the OverDrive Media Console on your PC. An MP3 player is not required.

Step 4: Transfer to MP3 Player (Optional)

  • Connect MP3 player to PC
  • Select title in the OverDrive Media Console you want to transfer
  • Click "Transfer"
  • Follow wizard