Plan an Event in Indianola

If you are interested in planning and holding an event in Indianola, the following information and forms are provided for your convenience. Through neighborhood activities and public events, a sense of community and pride is developed. Public events are also a means to stimulate our local economy.

The following sections provide key information for a safe, fun and successful event.

Please take time to read the information application form thoroughly and feel free to contact City Hall at 515-961-9410 or email the City Clerk with questions.  

General Event Information

Applications are reviewed by the City Manager, Public Works Director, Risk Manager, Fire Chief, Police Chief and the Parks and Recreation Director.  All applications held on streets and/or trails will be approved or denied by the Indianola City Council.


Applications need to be received no later than 60 days prior to your event. If received less than 60 days prior to the event, staff will deny the application. It may be appealed to the City Council with a $50 late fee.


All applications will need to complete a map showing street / lane closures, location of barriers / barricades, stages, platforms, parking, etc. If the event involves a moving route, indicate direction of travel. The Sheriff’s Department shall have complete and unobstructed access to the west side of the Warren County Courthouse.

If the Square is blocked-off, west bound traffic on Ashland should be able to turn north on Howard: south bound traffic on Buxton should be able to turn west on Ashland, east bound traffic on Salem should be able to turn south on Buxton and north bound traffic on Howard should be able to turn east on Salem.

Road Blocks

If the Square and one block in each direction are blocked-off, be sure plans include barricades one block west and east of the square on Ashland and Salem, one block north and south of the square on Howard and Buxton.


Vendors are expected to park vehicles off of the Square once their booths/trailers have been set up – applicants will need to complete a map showing parking of vehicles.

Application Procedures

An event application form (PDF), including a map of the area must be submitted and accepted prior to the event. An event application (PDF) and event map outline (PDF) or event map description (PDF) may be downloaded from this site or may be obtained by contacting City Hall at 515-961-9410. Please include as many details about the location of the activities and vendors as possible. 

You will receive communication after the request has been to council unless there are questions regarding your application.

An insurance certificate showing the City as an additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000 or more will be required.

Additional Information

Always be sensitive to neighbors and area businesses when interrupting normal traffic flow and using amplified music.