City Clerk / Finance Department

The City Clerk/Finance Department consists of four staff members:

  • Finance Director
  • City Clerk/Assistant Finance Director 
  • Deputy City Clerk/Administrative Clerk 
  • Administrative Bookkeeper

The Assistant City Manager/CFO is the lead financial planner and lead administrative liaison for the City. This staff member works with elected officials and staff to create the City’s annual budget. The Assistant City Manger/CFO also oversees the long-term financial planning for the City.

The City Clerk/Asst. Finance Director attends and takes minutes for all City Council and Board of Trustee meetings, publishes agendas and notices as required by the Code of Iowa, maintains official City records (minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, etc.), and processes certain licenses and permits. This staff member also oversees the AR/AP finances. 

The Deputy Clerk/Administrative Clerk oversees the receipt of money received by the City and also serves as a back-up to the City Clerk in Council and Trustee meetings. This staff member also creates social media posts and website updates. 

The Administrative Bookkeeper administers the City's payroll and claims.