High Speed Internet

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Fast. Reliable. Homegrown.

Broadband internet is essential to modern living.  We use the internet to work, learn, entertain, and grow.  IMU is building a fiber-based internet service that will improve on services offered by current providers.

  • Speed

      IMU Internet will start out with speed of up to 1 Gbps available to EVERY home and business in Indianola.  We're building a 21st century fiber network from end-to-end making speeds of 10 Gbps and higher available to our customers as they need it.
  • Reliability

      Fiber networks have proven to be much more reliable than the copper-based networks used by other providers.  High reliability means fewer outages and slowdown, and more internet when you need it!
  • Affordability

      IMU Internet services will be easy on the home or business budget.
  • Availability

      The days of internet haves and have-nots are coming to an end.  Every home and business in Indianola will have access to the same levels of service.

Keep watching for more information about IMU Internet speeds and pricing!