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Building A New TV Experience From The Ground Up

Over the next few months, as construction gets started on the fiber network, IMU will start a different kind of construction project: building a TV service designed to meet the entertainment needs of Indianola.

That process will involve a lot of key decisions.
  • Is it possible to create more flexible packages of channels that allow customers to better customize their experience?  While big companies like ABC-Disney, NBC Universal, and Turner Networks often force cable companies to carry channels they otherwise don't want, what's possible when starting a new TV service from scratch?
  • What are the "must have" channels for IMU's TV service?
  • In addition to channels, what other TV services are important to you?  These additional services include Cloud DVR, Replay TV, Pay-Per-View, TV Everywhere, etc.
As we work on building our TV service, we will be working with industry leaders such as the National Cable Television Cooperative and the American Cable Association to discover what's possible and what's not possible.  Most importantly, we'll be talking to the citizens of Indianola to find out YOUR wants and needs, with the ultimate goal to create a TV service that is all ours.

We will be creating a TV survey later this year to gather your input.  In the meantime, if you have any ideas you'd like to share, please reach out to us.