Liquor License

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City of Indianola Documents

Once the City receives notification that a business has applied for a liquor license , several of our departments will review it before sending it to City Council for approval (a requirement of the State). As part of the review there will be an onsite inspection. A City employee will contact the applicant to schedule the inspection.

State of Iowa Documents

Iowa ABD eLicensing Site:

In Iowa, the licensing process is now conducted entirely online. Iowans interested in obtaining a liquor license can start the process through the ABD eLicensing service. After verifying the applicant has dramshop insurance or surety bonds — if either is required — the local authority, generally a city, approves or denies the application. If approved, the application moves to the ABD. If approved there, too, the license is issued once payment has been confirmed.

To apply for a liquor license, you must be a U.S. citizen and either an Iowa resident or incorporated to do business in Iowa. People with felony convictions are not eligible unless their rights of citizenship have been restored. People who have had a "financial interest" in a previous liquor license revoked in the past two years also are not eligible.