Phase 1 - ACTIVE

Library Plan

 Stage 1 - ACTIVE 

  • Working from home is permitted
  • Rotating shifts (minimize the number of staff working in same space)
  • Books are quarantined
  • Building is closed to the public
  • Gloves required when handling returned books
  • No-contact curbside pickup during limited hours

 Stage 2 - ACTIVE 

  • Building opens
  • Curbside pickup expands
  • Library hours are reduced to accommodate cleaning
  • Regular circ staff shifts resume
  • Basic check-in/checkout services
  • Limited browsing allowed
  • Public computers limited to two persons
  • Tables limited to one person
  • Plexiglass shields installed at circ desk
  • Spaced checkout lines
  • Books are quarantined for 72 hours
  • Seating areas remain closed
  • No toys in the children’s area
  • Virtual programming only
  • Meeting room is closed
  • Interlibrary loan resumes

Parks and Recreation

 Stage 1 - ACTIVE 

  • Working from home continues.  At least one staff member will be in the office for answering phones. 
  • Park Staff works in small groups 
  • Campground Re-opens

City Hall Plan

 Stage 1 - ACTIVE 

  • Working from home continues.  Staff has the ability to access offices when needed
  • City Hall closed to the public
  • Submittals/Payments only accepted via phone/US mail/E-mail
  • Submittals/Payments may be accepted in person, by appointment, at the Activity Center
  • Inspections continue with six-foot physical distancing
  • All meetings, including City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment, continue in digital format.  Public allowed in Council Chambers for public meetings with staff members present to assist
  • All City internal mail moved back to City Hall
  • Travel disallowed


 Stage 1 - ACTIVE 

  • Physical distancing restrictions apply.
  • Staff limits the foot traffic in the office area. Staff is broken into two separate groups working at different job sites.  
  • Streets office closed to the public.  Public allowed to conduct meetings by phone or video conference.
  • Complaints and work orders are received by phone, email, or website.
  • Brush facility has a limited opening by only accepting yard waste and brush. Hazardous and electronic waste will not be accepted.  Multiple lanes are facilitated in the drop-off zones to ensure physical distancing restrictions apply to customers.