Infrastructure Improvement Projects

On-going projects:

  • Square Reconstruction and Streetscape Improvements: The proposed Downtown Square Reconstruction and Streetscape Improvements will create a more pedestrian-friendly, inviting and activated space where businesses thrive and where residents and visitors choose to spend time. The steering committee recommended a master plan that includes the following design elements and features: Bump-outs at crosswalks; Colored concrete and/or contrasting pavers; Increased sidewalk widths that can accommodate adjacent business-related activities; Parallel parking on the business side and angled parking on the justice center side; Street furnishings that include benches, refuse containers, street trees, raised architectural planters and bike racks; Two-way traffic; and Wayfinding monuments.
  • Hillcrest Avenue Reconstruction: This project will replace the existing failed concrete pavement surface, on Hillcrest Avenue from North 4th Street to North 14th Street, with new three-lane paved street with integral curb and gutter, improved drainage performance, improved sidewalk connectivity, new trees, improved trail crossing, and a new trailhead.   

Up-coming projects

  • South K Street Construction: This future project provides an opportunity to upgrade the existing gravel road surface to a hard surface on South K Street from West 2nd Avenue (Iowa Hwy 92) to West 17th Avenue, that provides an opportunity to improve the surface condition, eliminate dust, improve pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, reduce carbon emissions, and improve drainage performance.