Infrastructure Improvement Projects

South K Street Reconstruction

Project Location: South K Street from West 2nd Avenue (Iowa 92) to West 17th Avenue.

Project Description: This future project proposes to replace the existing gravel road with a paved street consisting of 31’ wide pavement.  The project also plans to include a 5’ wide shared use path along each side of the road.

This proposed project on South K Street is an important link to developing areas and the rural farm to market system. South K Street is an existing unpaved collector street that provides an opportunity to improve surface condition, eliminate dust, and improve drainage performance by paving an existing gravel. The street will be upgraded from an unpaved gravel surface to a paved surface that improves traffic operations, increases access and mobility, and reduces response time for police and fire protection. It will also improve drainage through storm sewers and improved culverts. 

The funding for this project is included in the Capital Improvement Plan for FY2023, FY2024, FY2025, and FY2026 Street Capital Project Fund (Fund 321) for a total amount of $7,844,000.

The Indianola City Council held a study session on September 18, 2023 to discuss the reconstruction options for South K Street. The presentation can be viewed here.  During the regular meeting on September 18, the Council directed staff to create rural design standards and to design South K Street with the existing topography, no additional sewer, 12" subbase, asphalt, essential drainage, improved intersection with Hwy 92 and 34' wide roads that include a multimodal path. 

Project Status:


Start Date

End Date


FY 2022 and 2023



Planned for FY24 and 25


Project Completion


During the fall of 2023, the Indianola City Council will consider items related to the special assessment process. It is anticipated that a public hearing and letting date will be set in February 2024, with construction beginning in the spring of 2024. 

Urban Design

The South K Street Reconstruction Project was initially designed using urban design standards for an arterial road. This design was presented during a neighborhood meeting on August 23, 2023, with the cost estimate as follows:

  • Planned Engineering & Easements: $414,000
  • Planned Construction: $4,049,000

Neighborhood Meeting Presentation - August 23, 2023