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Indianola Trails Map

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City of Indianola 2008 Trails Master Plan


  1. Drinking Fountain
  2. Jerry Kelley Trail to Memorial Park (1.2 miles)
  3. McVay Trail to Pickard Park (1.6 miles)
  4. Parking
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Pop Machine
  7. Restrooms - Modern
  8. Shelter
  9. Summerset Trail to Carlisle (11 miles)
  10. Trails - hard surface
  11. Water
This Trailhead connects the McVay Trail, going east to Pickard Park (1.6 miles) and the Summerset Trail.  Taking the Summerset Trail north from the Trailhead, users can connect with the Jerry Kelly Trail to Memorial Park (1 mile west), or continue on to Carlisle (11.1 miles north).

The McVay Trail follows the old Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad right-of-way.  It was acquired in two sections: 5th to 9th Street for $6500 in 1992, and 9th to 15th Street for $100 in 1963.  The latter area is lined with trees and wildlife and had an original prairie remnant next to it.  The eastern 1/2 mile lies along Highway 92 and was developed with a state REAP grant in 1992. The trail is named after Ira V. McVay, the first landowner of the railroad right-of-way area.

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