Complaints & Violations

How to File a Complaint

Tenants can file a complaint with the City regarding a rental unit and/or property. A complaint should first be filed with your property owner or manager, who will have 7 days following notification to address the complaint. If left unaddressed, tenants may file a complaint with the city. To file a complaint with the City, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer.

Complaint-Based Inspections

Complaint-based inspections are inspections that occur on a rental unit and/or property when a property owner and/or agent has not addressed a formally filed complaint within 7 days of notification of the complaint. Complaint-based inspections are scheduled with the tenant and the owner/manager. Inspection fees for complaints are charged to the owner if violations are found. If no violations are found, the fee is charged to the tenant.

No Retaliation Clause

Property owners and managers may not retaliate against tenants in response to a complaint. Retaliation against a tenant may include the following scenarios:

  • A landlord pursing an action for eviction
  • Removing, shutting off or discontinuing services, facilities, equipment or utilities