Using the Library's Meeting Room

Community Room Policy    

The Indianola Public Library provides meeting space for civic, cultural, and educational meetings by the community.  

Room Specifications

The Community Room has a maximum seating capacity of 30 people auditorium style or 18 people conference style.  


The Community Room is available free of charge for gatherings of two or more persons. 

  • Should it be necessary to cancel a meeting, notice should be given to the library no less than 24 hours in advance.  

Community, Civic, and Educational Group Meetings

Community groups are limited to reserving the room twice every seven days, up to two hours each meeting. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the director.

Private, Social Gatherings

There is no rental fee for social gatherings, such a birthday parties and baby showers.

Business or Commercial Groups

A rental fee is required for business meetings or commercial gatherings whose intent is to benefit the interests of a business.  Fees are $25 for 2 hours per day, $5 each additional hour. 

Walk-in Individuals or Groups

The Community Room is also available free of charge by walk-in groups or individuals if it is not already reserved by another party.  It is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Staff cannot guarantee the availability of the room beforehand. There is a two-hour daily time limit.


  • The library’s Code of Conduct Policy applies to meetings in the Community Room.
  • The Community Room may be reserved and used only during times that the library is openMeetings must be over and the Community Room returned to its original condition at least fifteen minutes before closing time.
  • Sales of goods or services are not permitted. The room may not be used for sales, order placement, or fundraising.  Admission fees are not permitted.
  • The library does not provide storage space for groups using the Community Room.
  • Organizations using the Community Room may not disrupt other patrons and may have future use of the Community Rooms denied to them should they do so. 
  • The library is not responsible for theft or damage of equipment or material supplied by users.  
  • Permission to use a meeting room does not imply library endorsement of the aims, policies, or activities of any group or organization.  


Room Usage and Cleanup

  • The contact person who signs the Community Room Form is the responsible party for all costs and damages that may occur to the room, its contents, and furniture.  Costs will be billed to the responsible party.  
  • A $30 cleaning fee will be charged if damages to the room include the need for carpet cleaning.  Future reservations will be suspended until the fee is paid. 
  • Furniture should be left in the arrangement in which it was found.  
  • Set-up and clean-up must be accomplished within the reserved time.
  • Children under age 18 must be supervised.
  • Arrangements may be made for use of a transparency overhead projector, piano, TV screen, whiteboard, and dry erase markers.