The Seed Library

What is the Seed Library?

The Seed Library is coming soon! It will be located in a card catalog cabinet near the newspapers. The drawers will be sorted into "Fruit & Veg," "Herbs," and "Florals," and filled with donated seeds. Any member of the community can borrow seeds from the Seed Library without a card or membership required. Taking seeds from the seed library only promises that if you can, you will donate some of the seeds you save.

The Seed Library is sponsored by the Warren County Master Gardeners, with seeds donated from Fedco Seeds, High Mowing Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, and local gardeners like you.

Seed Library Logos

Donating Seeds

Until the Seed Library is ready for use, donations can be brought to the circulation desk. You will be given an envelope to fill out as much information as you can for the seeds being donated. Please ensure the seeds are fully dry and clear of chaff before donating. If donating seeds in a commercial packet, there is no need to fill out a new envelope.

Seeds Available

The table below is updated monthly. Seeds listed are not guaranteed to still be in the collection and there may be additional seeds present that were not processed.

Fruit & Veg Herbs Florals
Bean, Mardi Gras Blend (HM Seeds) Basil, Genovese (HM Seeds) Calendula, Pacific Beauty (HM Seeds)
Broccoli, Batavia F1 (HM Seeds) Basil, Lemon (HM Seeds) Cosmos, Sensation Blend (HM Seeds)
Broccoli, Belstar F1 (HM Seeds) Basil, Nufar (HM Seeds) Four O'Clocks, Marvel of Peru (Exchange)
Broccoli, Covina F1 (HM Seeds) Basil, Prospera-2 F1 (HM Seeds) Larkspur, Galilee Blend (HM Seeds)
Bush Bean, Gold Rush (HM Seeds) Chamomile (HM Seeds) Marigold, Tangerine Gem (HM Seeds)
Carrot, Cosmic Purple (HM Seeds) Chives (HM Seeds) Snapdragon, Lion's Mouth (HM Seeds)
Carrot, Scarlet Nantes (HM Seeds) Chives, Garlic (HM Seeds) Strawflower, Roggli Riesen (HM Seeds)
Carrot, Starburst Blend (HM Seeds) Cilantro, Caribe (HM Seeds) Sunflower, Autumn Beauty Blend (HM Seeds)
Kale, Dazzling Blue (HM Seeds) Dill, Bouquet (HM Seeds) Sunflower, Hopi Black Dye (HM Seeds)
Kale Mix, Ironman (HM Seeds) Dill, Delight (HM Seeds) Sunflower, Medium Red Blend (HM Seeds)
Lettuce, Crispino Iceberg (HM Seeds) Lemon Balm (HM Seeds) Sunflower, Velvet Queen (HM Seeds)
Lettuce, Emerald Oak (HM Seeds) Marjoram, Sweet (HM Seeds) Zinnia, Giant Coral (HM Seeds)
Lettuce, Lolla Rossa (HM Seeds) Orach, Blacklund Bly (HM Seeds) Zinnia, Golden Yellow (HM Seeds)
Lettuce Blend, Gourmet (HM Seeds) Parsley, Giant Italian (HM Seeds) Zinnia, Orange (HM Seeds)
Mustard Green, Ruby Streaks (HM Seeds) Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf (HM Seeds) Zinnia, Red Scarlet (HM Seeds)
Pac Choy, Shanghai Green (HM Seeds)    
Parsnip, Lancer (HM Seeds)    
Pepper, Candlelight Hot (HM Seeds)    
Pepper, Shishito (HM Seeds)    
Pole Bean, Northeaster (HM Seeds)    
Pole Bean, Rattlesnake (HM Seeds)    
Pumpkin, Howden (HM Seeds)    
Pumpkin, New England Pie (HM Seeds)    
Snap Pea, Sugar Ann (HM Seeds)    
Snow Pea, Avalanche (HM Seeds)    
Snow Pea, Blizzard (HM Seeds)    
Snow Pea, Oregon Giant (Fedco)    
Spinach, Butterflay (HM Seeds)    
Spinach, Giant Winter (HM Seeds)    
Spinach, Space F1 (HM Seeds)    
Squash, Burgess Buttercup Winter (HM Seeds)    
Squash, Spaghetti Winter (HM Seeds)    
Squash, Waltham Butternut (HM Seeds)    
Squash, Y-Star Patty Pan (Fedco)    
Turnip, Purple Top White Globe (Exchange)    

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