Eligible property and business owners are encouraged to apply for the Downtown Façade and Interior Improvement Program. Application materials to the program can be found below:

Please note that your application will require additional materials in addition to the application form. Application materials may differ from project to project. Generally, projects proposing work to the exterior façade of a building will need to provide images of the existing façade conditions and renderings of their proposed project. Structural or interior work will need to provide building plans. Each application must also include a narrative explaining the project and need.

In addition, each project will need to provide an itemized project budget sheet. This itemized project budget sheet must include details of anticipated project costs and quantities (i.e. labor, materials, misc.) as well as provide information regarding additional project funding to support the project, such as alternative grants or private funding options.

The application period is now closed. Please be patient while staff review applications. Late submissions will not be considered.

Downtown Design Guidelines

Applications for the Downtown Façade and Interior Improvement program will need to meet the goals, mission statement and all guidelines that are outlined in the Downtown Design Guidelines document. Please review these guidelines prior to submitting an application. Questions regarding this document may be directed to the Community Development Department.

Application and Review Process

After complete applications are submitted to the Community Development Department, staff will review the application and generate a report and a recommendation on action to the Downtown Square Commission (DSC). The Commission will then review the application and report and provide their recommendation on scoring to the City Council. The City Council will then review and make final decision on the application.

Review Process for Downtown Facade and Interior Improvement Program.


Projects consisting of construction, rehabilitation, or renovation started after the adoption of the program are encouraged to apply for the program. Applications may be received by either the property owner or business owner (Businesses leasing property must have written approval from the property owner).

Properties located within the Downtown Square or Downtown Transitional areas may apply. Please see the map for reference.

Property tax payments must be current in order to be eligible. Single-family dwellings are not eligible for program funding.

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