New Construction

Quick Overview

Before you begin a new construction project for a residential home, it is important to familiarize yourself with applicable codes and regulations adopted by the City of Indianola. These regulations exist for your protection, safety, and general welfare. For more information, please review the New Construction Requirements Handout or contact the Community Development Department.

Permit Required?


Inspections Required?

Foundation Inspection
Framing Inspection
Footings and Setbacks Inspection
Tar, Tile & Gravel Inspection
Final Building and Zoning Inspection

Anticipated Review Timeline

3-7 Business Days

Codes and Regulations

New construction requirements are regulated by the City of Indianola Zoning Code, the adopted Building Code, and all other associated state and federal requirements. If you are considering a new build, a permit will be required. All new constructions must meet minimum zoning and building code requirements.