Accessory Structures and Buildings

Quick Overview

Planning a build for a garden shed or a detached garage? Accessory buildings and structures for residential properties require a building permit to be submitted. Please review the Accessory Structure/Building Requirements Handout or contact the Community Development Department.

Permit Required?


Inspections Required?

Framing Inspection
Footing and Setbacks Inspection
Final Building and Zoning Inspection

Anticipated Review Timeline

3-5 Business Days

*A building permit is not required if ALL of the following applies to your project:

  • The accessory structure is 80 square feet or less in size.
  • The accessory structure is no taller than 12 feet.
  • The structure is of a movable design

Codes and Regulations

Accessory Buildings and Structures are regulated by Chapter 165.04.2 titled 'Accessory Buildings and Structures' within the City of Indianola Zoning Code. Accessory buildings and structures include: free standing garages for automobiles, trash enclosures, sheds, play structures, gazebos, free-standing patios, pergolas, trellises, underground shelters, and above and in-ground pools and hot tubs.

Accessory Buildings and Structures Materials and Design

When designing your project, please keep the following in mind relating to allowed materials and design:

  • The accessory building/structure must match the style and design of the principal structure (i.e., the house on site).
  • Exterior building materials (such as siding, roofing, trim, etc.,) must be of similar or identical quality and color as that found on the principal structure
  • Up to two (2) total accessory structures are permitted, and they cannot exceed 10% of the total lot area nor exceed 1,800 square feet of space. The structure cannot exceed the size of the principal structure.
  • The structure can be no taller than 1.5 stories, nor exceed 24 feet in height.

Accessory Buildings and Structures Location and Setbacks

When choosing a location for your accessory building or structure, the following must be kept in mind:

  • Accessory buildings and structures must be placed in the rear yard of the property. For corner lots, the front yard regulation applies to each street frontage -- no accessory structure may be located within that area.
  • Accessory buildings and structures cannot be placed within any required buffer yard or easement.
  • Accessory structures must be setback from property lines by at least 5 feet, except in the case where the structure is within 10 feet of the principal structure, in which case, the structure must meet principal structure setbacks.
  • Horizontal projections including roof-overhangs may not extend into any required setback.