Winter Weather Reminders

City of Indianola Snow Plow

Winter weather brings its fair share of challenges and obstacles, but the City of Indianola is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents, property owners and visitors every day and especially when severe weather strikes.

Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding the City's winter weather policies and the resources available to you:

Snow Emergency Parking Ban (City Ordinance 69.10)

A snow emergency parking ban is initiated when the National Weather Service forecasts and confirms two or more inches of snow or ice for the Indianola area. This ban remains effective throughout the storm and for 48 hours after it ends.

When a snow emergency parking ban is initiated, vehicles may not be parked in streets or alleys during this time. After the storm has passed and once streets and alleys are cleared, you may resume parking in streets and alleys.

If your vehicle is in violation of the snow emergency parking ban, you will be subject to a $35 parking ticket and/or your vehicle may be towed at your expense. 

Downtown Indianola Square Exemptions: Certain areas within the Downtown Indianola Square are exempt from this ban between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., including:

  • On Howard Street, from Boston Avenue to First Avenue
  • On Buxton Street, from Boston Avenue to First Avenue
  • On Ashland Avenue, from First Street to B Street
  • On Salem Avenue, from First Street to B Street

Snow and Ice Management Guidelines

Dumping of Snow (City Ordinance 135.12): Avoid obstructing streets and alleys by not pushing snow onto public ways. While cleaning large commercial drives in the business district might necessitate temporary placement of snow on the street or alley, prompt removal is mandatory.

Removal Responsibilities (City Ordinance 136.03): Property owners are accountable for timely removal (within 48 hours) of snow, ice and accumulations from adjacent sidewalks. Failure to do so may prompt the City to perform the tasks, without notice, and bill the property owner accordingly. Furthermore, property owners may be held liable for damages resulting from negligence in snow or ice removal. However, the City's primary duty doesn't encompass clearing natural accumulations from sidewalks unless it's an abutting property.

Clearing a fire hydrant during the winterFire Hydrants: The Indianola Fire Code requires property owners to clear snow from around fire hydrants (City Ordinance 160.02 (507.55)). Snow around hydrants makes them difficult to locate in an emergency, delaying efforts when every second counts. Residents and property owners should clear a five-foot area around hydrants that may be located on their property as well as a path from the hydrant to the street.

Whether it's a fire or medical emergency, our public safety crews will be there to provide aide. Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and around hydrants will help provide immediate, efficient access to a water supply in the case of a fire or access to your home in the event of an emergency.

Mailboxes: On occasion, a mailbox may be damaged during snow removal operations. If you discover damage to your mailbox caused by a City snowplow, please complete and return this form and contact the Public Works Department at 515-961-9415. If it is determined that the damage was caused by a City snowplow, the City will either repair the damage, provide a standard replacement mailbox or reimburse the resident up to the cost of a standard replacement mailbox.

Reporting Snow Issues and Filing Complaints

Indianola Municipal Utilities

Stay updated with Indianola Municipal Utilities in the event of electric or water outages and issues. 
Resources: Report An Outage | Website | Facebook

MidAmerican Energy

In the case of a power outage, MidAmerican Energy customers can report it online, through social media or by calling 888-427-5632. 
Resources: Report An Outage | Website | Facebook

Indianola Parks & Recreation, Indianola Public Library and Indianola Wellness Campus

When severe weather hits, it may impact events and opportunities offered by Indianola Parks & Recreation, Indianola Public Library and the Indianola Wellness Campus.

For the latest information and updates, please visit the respective websites and social media accounts:

A fort is seen by a snowplow operator.Winter Safety

Snow Forts: As crews are out plowing, children in the past have been observed playing in snow forts along or near the path of snowplows at at facilities used to pile snow removed from around town. For the safety of our younger residents, we ask that snow play be done in a safer area that are away from roadways, parking lots and alleys. Tunnels and can collapse and suffocate any individuals inside. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

View more Winter Safety Tips & Reminders from the National Weather Service

Additional Resources

Notification Alerts: Consider subscribing to the City's notification system for real-time alerts about snow emergencies and related updates. Subscribe here

City Website and Social Media: Stay updated with the City's official announcements online at and on social media during winter weather events.

Local Media Partners: Winter weather-related information and news will also be made available typically through local media partners including:




  • AM Stations: KRNT 1350, KPSZ 940, KWKY 1150, KXNO 1460 and WHO 1040.
  • FM Stations: KNIA 94.3, The Bus 100.3, KGGO 94.9, KHKI 97.9, KIOA 93.3, KISS 107.5, KJJY 92.5, KWQW 98.3, KXNO 106.3, Lazer 103.3, Lite 104.1 and STAR 102.5.

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