About Us

The Indianola Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for 14 park areas (260 acres), the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center,  Indianola Activity Center, Pickard Sports Complex, and provides a variety of year-round recreation programs & events for all ages.

The department partners with interest groups to operate the Youth Soccer Complex, and rents the school gyms and multipurpose rooms for indoor recreation programs.

Parks & Recreation Commission

The department is under the jurisdiction of a six-member Parks and Recreation Commission, and has one permanent part-time employee and nine full time employees with divided responsibilities for parks and leisure services for the city. 


Although financial support is derived from several sources, the primary operating budget is from city property taxes.  Modest program and facility use fees, grants, tax-deductible gifts and donations are also a part of the department's resources; and partnerships, joint agreements and co-sponsorships with other governmental agencies, private organizations and businesses help make existing resources go farther.

Administrative Offices

The administrative offices are located in the Indianola Activity Center located at 2204 W. 2nd Avenue, which is also the location of the Indianola Area Senior Center programs and facilities.

Our Mission

Offer a variety of experiences that enhance and preserve quality of life in Indianola.

Our Vision

To have a community with a variety of parks, trails, recreation facilities and activities which are modern, fun, safe and attractive, highly valued by the community, promote economic and neighborhood growth and enhance the quality of life for our local citizens.

Our recreation and park facilities and activities will:
  • Show evidence of community pride,
  • Have man-made and natural environments which are in harmony and balance,
  • Have parks and open spaces enriching every neighborhood,
  • Have parks with unique focal points,
  • Have modern, well-maintained indoor and outdoor recreation facilities,
  • Have a wide variety of wholesome recreation & learning opportunities taking place with substantial participation for everyone
  • Enhance the physical, social, and mental well-being for citizens of all ages and interests.
Our tree-lined streets, parks, and trails will:
  • Provide good places to live and travel
  • Bond neighborhoods together in a continuous fabric of a united and progressive community.

Our Values

  • A dedicated, creative, professional, and skilled workforce including appointed and elected officials that possess integrity and perform their duty in an ethical and impartial manner
  • A safe and efficient workplace and community
  • Attaining a high level of customer service
  • Sustainable service delivery based on research and foresight
  • Protection and responsible use of natural resources
  • Affordable rates that balances needs in the community
  • Working as partners within our community and with other entities
  • Fairly and consistently imposing and applying regulatory actions
  • Providing equal access to resources that benefit people’s lives
  • Citizens that are knowledgeable and engaged in our community

Parks & Recreation Policies