Swimming Lessons

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(Registration opens Friday, April 1, 2022)

Red Cross

The American Red Cross six-level learn-to-swim program for children is designed to make a smooth transition from one level into the next, reduce the number of students that stall in the lower level classes, and help keep the child’s interest through the program. Lessons are offered during summer months in our heated pool. 

Philosophy and Objectives

The Indianola Parks and Recreation department's first consideration is to provide for the safety of the students at all times. Thus, our objective is to provide a positive, happy experience for all students. 

Experiences that are positive will reinforce the child's willingness and confidence to strive while in or around the water. Focus of specific instruction on pertinent skills and techniques, as well as safety and prevention skills and techniques, will be emphasized strongly throughout the courses from the American Red Cross.

We ask that all parents and adults stay in the concession area during lessons.