Buxton Park Tree Tour

This interpretive self-guided tree tour will acquaint you with several of the non-native, unusual or rare trees that live in Buxton Park Arboretum.

Brochures are available in the kiosk near the gazebo. Or you can view and print the brochure now.

There have been 25 trees identified, and a walking tour mapped throughout the park. Take an hour or two and:
  • Discover the tree that is possibly Iowa’s largest for its species.
  • Find the rare conifer that loses its foliage every fall.
  • Get ideas for trees that would look good in your own yard.
  • Learn about the historic uses of the trees’ bark and wood.
  • See a living example of the Kousa Dogwood, one of our Adopt-a-Tree offerings this year.
Arboretum tour brochure cover