Summer Cleanup

Summer Cleanup Dates

The 2020 annual Spring Cleanup is scheduled for the week of Monday, August 31st through Friday, September 4th.  

  • The hauler will pick up cleanup items on the same day of the week as your recycling materials.
    • Cleanup week is not a recycling week, however, the pickup will occur on the same day of the week your recycling is typically picked up.
  • All items need to be on the curb at 7:00 a.m.
    • Please do not place items on your curb until Saturday, August 29th at the earliest to prevent weather conditions from moving the cleanup items.
  • Monitors and televisions should not be placed on the curb. 
    • Once the Brush Facility is collecting e-waste items you may turn in monitors and televisions there; fees will still apply.

Cleanup guidelines include:

  • Only large items not hauled through weekly service.
  • Items that are bulky and difficult to handle, such as swing sets, must be cut up or dismantled into smaller pieces no longer than four feet.
  • Weight limit: items must be liftable by two or fewer staff.
  • Per household limit: the amount on the curb must fit in a standard pick up truck bed, approximately 8ft x 5.5ft x 3ft.
  • Smaller items must be placed in bags or boxes.

Items Accepted:

  • box springs
  • mattresses
  • books
  • chairs
  • couches
  • tables
  • doors
  • dishes/pans
  • toys

Please note that all small items must be bagged or boxed before placing them on the curb.

Items NOT Accepted:

  • electronic waste (including monitors/televisions)
  • construction materials
  • railroad ties
  • appliances
  • hazardous waste
  • windows (larger than 2ft x 4ft)
  • fences
  • tires
  • drywall
  • concreate
  • broken glass
  • landscape materials
  • yard/brush waste