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Haven't cut the cord?  We've got you covered!

If your home is one of the 50% of American households that have dropped your landline telephone service, that's fine.  We won't take it personally.  However, if you would like the peace of mind of having a reliable landline connection, or if you're a business that relies on a phone connection, IMU Telephone will fit the bill.  

PHONE PLANS Monthly Charge
Local Phone Service Plan
Three calling features of your choice included.  Long distance is charged at $0.075/minute.  International calls billed at cost.
Local Phone Service & Long Distance Plan
1,000 minutes of free long distance calling in North America.  Excess billed at $0.05/minute.  Unlimited calling features.  International calls billed at cost.

Call Features Monthly Charge 
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.00
Call Forward Busy $1.00
Call Forward Don't Answer $1.00
Call Forward Variable
Call Screening (Selective Call Rejection) $1.00
Call Transfer $1.00
Call Waiting $1.00
Call Waiting ID $1.00
Caller ID Blocking $1.00
Caller ID Name & Number $1.00
Circular Hunt $1.00
Collect Call Block $1.00
Continuous Redial $1.00
Dual Ring $1.00
Last Call Return/Callback $1.00
Long Distance Alert $1.00
Priority Call $1.00
Remote Access Call Forward Variable $1.00
Scheduled Greeting $1.00
Selective Call Forward $1.00
Three-Way Calling $1.00
Toll Deny $1.00
Voice Mail $1.00

Additional Equipment Monthly Charge
Battery Backup
Phone customers receive one free.