Printing and Copies

While the library building is closed, we offer limited printing services.

If you need to print documents, you may email them to  We will print them, and you can pick them up using our curbside delivery service.

If you need copies made, email us at  You will be able to drop them off during curbside service and will wait while we make the copies.

Printing fees are 15 cents per page for black and white copies and 50 cents per page for color copies.

Payment over $5.00
If the cost will be more than $5.00, you will prepay by credit card.  You can call us at 515-961-9418 to make the payment.

Payment $5.00 and under
You can pay at the time of pickup by putting exact payment in an envelope and placing it on the delivery table during curbside pickup.  Unfortunately, we are unable to make change at this time, so exact change for payment is required.