Phase 3

Library Plan

Stage 4 - ACTIVE

  • Unrestricted seating
  • All public computers available
  • Limited programming (where some social distancing can be maintained)
  • Books are no longer quarantined
  • Meeting room reopens

Stage 5 - ACTIVE

  • Most programming resume
  • Outreach to preschools resume
  • Toys can be returned to the children’s section
  • Home delivery resumes
  • Large-group programming allowed

Parks and Recreation

 Stage 3 - ACTIVE 

  • Working from home discontinued
  • Activity Center restricted use is lifted
  • Most programming resumes
  • Common seating areas open

 Stage 4 - ACTIVE 

  • Aquatic Center opens

City Hall Plan

Stage 3 - ACTIVE

  • Working from home discontinued
  • City Hall opened to the public
  • Physical distancing restrictions lifted
  • All meetings continue at City Hall
  • All travel restrictions lifted

Streets Plan

Stage 3 - ACTIVE

  • Staff discontinues to limit the foot traffic in the office area, where staff can work together at different job sites.  
  • Streets office is open to the public.  
  • Brush facility is open to public accepting yard waste, brush, hazardous and electronic waste.