Mayor Vacancy

Completed applications,
with all required attachments,
must be received by 5:00 p.m. on
Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Thank you for your interest in the vacant position of Mayor.  Our community relies on the dedication of selfless individuals who have pride in Indianola, compassion for our neighbors, and the initiative to become involved in the democratic process.  

The application may be found via the links in the side navigation bar or as follows:

We realize that pursuing public office is not an easy decision and one that can seem a bit overwhelming.  Accordingly, the City wanted to provide resources that you may find informative and helpful as you consider this office.  These resources include:  

Presentation on mayor position

The presentation reviewed at the September 29, 2020, Special City Council meeting regarding the vacancy and roles/responsibilities of the position of mayor may be found at:

City Code of Ordinances

A searchable version of the City Code of Ordinances may be viewed at:

Chapter 15 of the City Code of Ordinances

Chapter 15 of the City Code provides the legal authority for the position of Mayor.  This Chapter is based upon Iowa Code Chapter 372.

Mayor and Council Roles

Here is a section of the Iowa Municipal Policy Leaders’ Handbook, which is a resource guide published by the Iowa League of Cities for elected officials. The complete handbook may be viewed by contacting the City Clerk’s Office..

City Policies

A complete listing of current City policies may be found at:

  • Council Policy Folder (PDF)
    The City’s Council’s Rules of Procedure, which the Mayor is responsible for enforcing, are found on page 10.

Comprehensive Master Plan

A Comprehensive Plan is one of the most important documents for a community.  It is a long-range policy guide to decisions about the physical development of a community.  This document was adopted in May 2020 and may be found at:

Strategic Plan

In 2020 the City Council adopted its updated Strategic Plan.  This document sets forth the City’s main priorities for the upcoming years and may be found at:


The City’s budget is the spending plan for the fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30 annually.  The City’s current budget, which aligns with the approved Strategic Plan and the Comprehensive Master Plan, may be found at: