Waller's Weekly Update 2021

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Two-Way Traffic on May 17

On Monday, May 17 the current one-way traffic on Howard and Buxton Streets, as well as the one block sections of Ashland and Salem on the Square, will change to two-way traffic.  As a part of conversion, new all-way stop signs will be installed at three different intersections:

  • Howard Street and Clinton Avenue;
  • Iowa Avenue and Howard Street; and
  • Iowa Avenue and Buxton Street. 

Installation of signage has already begun, and they will be covered until the effective date (May 17).   Temporary informational signs will be displayed after May 4 to notify the motorists about the upcoming conversion.   For more information, please visit the links below.      

Two-way Traffic Conversion (LINK)

Timelines & Signage (PDF)

City Buildings Tour

The public is invited to tour the Library (207 N B Street) and Fire and Police Station/City Hall (110 N 1st Street) on Tuesday, May 11.  These facilities will be open for tours from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  Those unable to attend may virtually tour these facilities via the link below or call 961-9410 to schedule an in-person tour at a later date.   

 Virtual Tour (LINK)


The COVID vaccine is readily available at area pharmacies, including: HyVee, Medicap, Walgreens, and Walmart.  Residents may also receive the vaccine from the Warren County Health Services (advance registration is required and may be done via their website, which is linked below).   For more information, please visit the following links or contact Warren County Health Services at 961-1074.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ (LINK)

Warren County Health Services (LINK)

Infrastructure Repair Work

This week, Streets Division staff repaired approximately 1,640 square feet of failed pavement on East Clinton Avenue, at its intersection with North 5th Street.  This work required approximately 42 cubic yards of concrete and 60 hours of labor.   Additionally, in advance of the May 17 two-way conversion, crews installed 40 traffic signs and removed the four brick-columned planters around the Square.  Lastly, street sweeping operations continued resulting in more than 48 miles of roadway being cleaned. Thank you to the crews for their hard work!

Planning and Zoning Commission 

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 11.  The agenda packet for this meeting may be accessed on the City’s website via the link below.  

Planning and Zoning Meeting Packet (LINK)

Community Development Reports

Attached are the following reports provided by the Community Development Department

Current Projects Update (PDF)

Of the 16 projects listed, one is awaiting a submittal from the developer, nine are in review, and six have been approved and are in construction.

2021 Building Permits (PDF)

This week, four building permits were issued, including three for new single-family dwellings. There are currently eight building permit applications in review and 55 building permits have been issued year to date.

Code Enforcement (PDF)

There are currently 27 open code enforcement cases (30 code enforcement cases have been opened for the year).

April Building Permit Report (PDF)

The April 2021 building permit report was issued this week.  In April, Community Development issued 23 permits, nine of which were for new dwellings.  In comparisons, in April 2020, 17 building permits were issued, six of which were for new dwellings.  

City Council Anticipated Agendas

Below please find links to the documents containing anticipated agenda items for upcoming City Council meetings.  These are working drafts.  Agendas are published on the City’s website the Thursday prior to a scheduled City Council meeting. 

Anticipated Draft Agenda – May 17, 2021 (PDF)

Anticipated Draft Agenda – June 7, 2021 (PDF)