Reconsideration of Materials Policy

Reconsideration of Materials Policy

The Reconsideration of Materials Policy outlines the procedure used when a resident wishes to communicate concerns or request the removal of an item from the library.

Policy Goals  

The goals of this policy are to provide residents with a fair process to request the removal of items from the collection and to provide transparency regarding how the Library evaluates these requests and makes decisions.


  1. In order to submit a reconsideration request, the requestor must be eligible for an Indianola Public Library card.
  2. Anonymous complaints or requests from groups or organizations will not be considered.


  1. Submit a Reconsideration Form to the library director.   
  2. The director will use the criteria outlined in the Collection Development Policy to evaluate the request and respond in writing within 10 days of receiving the form.
  3. If the requestor is not satisfied with the response, the requestor must contact the director within 10 days and request an additional review.
  4. The director will appoint a review committee consisting of two staff librarians and three additional members who are outside librarians or subject specialists.  This review committee will select a chairperson and adopt any rules necessary for conducting orderly business.  
  5. The committee will evaluate the request using criteria outlined in the Collection Development Policy.
  6. The requestor will be notified of the date and times of committee meetings and may attend them.
  7. The review committee will submit its recommendation in writing to the Library Board.
  8. The Library Board will make a final ruling.

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