Bed Bug Prevention and Treatment

The Indianola Public Library is committed to a proactive approach for the detection and prevention of bed bugs.  The Library will ensure that:

  • Ongoing monitoring is in place to ensure prompt and appropriate response;
  • Proactive measures are taken to reduce the risk to staff and patrons;
  • A licensed pest control company is contracted to work in the library facility.

Professional inspection and preventive treatment of the library space by qualified professionals is performed quarterly.  If anything more than the random, isolated bed bug is reported, a trained sniffer dog and handler will be brought in to inspect the entire building.  In addition, library staff routinely check all items for damages, including insect damage.  Each incidence will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Actions and remediation will depend on the findings.   Items determined or suspected to be impacted will be either be treated or discarded at the Library Director’s discretion. 

Patrons are asked to voluntarily suspend checkout of Library materials if they are experiencing a bed bug infestation in their home.  Patrons are also asked not to use the book drop for materials with signs of bed bugs.  Instead, patrons should seal the item in an air-tight bag, return it at the circulation desk, and notify a staff member.

When the presence of bed bugs or bug damage is identified, the items and contaminated area will be quarantined, inspected, and treated.  If there is evidence that items on loan to a patron may have been returned with insects that are known to be damaging to library materials, the patron will be notified. 

Adopted 1/20